And how they would have helped me

My PRS SE Custom leaning against the piano

Having played the electric guitar since the age of 15, I have come across leaps and bounds not only in terms of my overall playing technique, but confidence playing in front of other people, and my overall knowledge of the instrument. In recent years I have learned skills that younger me never thought he’d be capable of.

I have also fallen behind in a few aspects of my playing. Fractures of guitar techniques and theory still remain behind me, and ever since I have been made aware of it, I feel as if…

Because we all know you love snapping away willy nilly.

Geneva, Switzerland

Less than a decade ago, I picked up a DSLR for the first time in my life. Having very little prior knowledge in photography, my instincts drove me to operate it as if it were just some bog-standard digital camera.

Boy was I wrong.

Although this particular camera did have beginner friendly settings that allowed me to point and shoot for a while, little did I know that there was actually a lot more to it than that. Like, a lot more. …

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Having finished my first year at university, and being left with very little to do this summer, I eventually found myself diving back into the wonders of the programming world, teaching myself languages such as Python and JavaScript, and building fun little tools with them along the way.

Since I chose to study Mathematics at university, I ended up investing in Apple’s iPad Pro at the beginning of the year, so that combined with the Apple Pencil, I would be able to quickly make notes during lectures and then spend a few minutes effortlessly neatening them up in the library…

Josh Baker

I am a Mathematics and Statistics Undergraduate in the UK who is particularly interested in data science and programming in general.

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